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The following are the basic guidelines for articles on Equestripedia.


Equestripedia was founded with the basic idea to have information on everything in the My Little Pony franchise. Yes, everything. Every character, place, object, story, product, staff, etc, is worthy of being covered on the wiki. This does not mean everything gets an article, but everything gets covered in some capacity.

What gets covered[edit]

In short, everything with a name (canon or fanon), title, or significant appearance gets covered on the wiki. Subjects that do not have enough information to warrant a full page should instead be merged with another page or apart of a list.

Media covered[edit]


In the 80s and 90s, Hasbro produced a number of toylines and even some media franchises that used the My Little Pony label. These include My Little Kitty, My Little Puppy, My Little Mermaid, My Little Bunny, and the daringly titled, Fairy Tails. These series are given equal coverage as they are apart of the greater My Little Pony brand.

Equestria Girls is given equal coverage.


Crossovers are covered as extensively as any other media. Characters, places, objects, concepts, etc, from crossovers are covered on the wiki (see: Megatron, Dan Mandel, Cobra Commander), however, they are only covered as far as they're relevant in crossover media. As such, their images, history, personality sections, ect, should only reflect how they're presented in the crossover. You can write about their history and characterization in the original properties in the "Behind the scenes" section, but it has to be kept brief.


Different from crossovers are anthology releases, such as Synergy: A Hasbro Creators Showcase, an anthology comic tat featured stories from various Hasbro media, including My Little Pony. The comic itself and all staff members are allowed pages, but stories not featuring MLP characters are not.

Segmented media[edit]

The original airing of My Little Pony included unrelated shows, The Glo Friends, MoonDreamers and the Potato Head Kids. We currently have no hard standards for these. They are technically media under the MLP branding, as opposed to the aforementioned anthologies which were media that used the MLP brand, and thus for now at least, they may be covered.

In-universe topics covered[edit]


Any character with an official name or title is given a page, this goes from anyone from Twilight Sparkle to an unnamed waiter, though if they rely soley on a title for relevancy, then they must have something notable about them. This can just be dialogue or some role in a story. Characters with fan names are also allowed

Characters who do not appear in fiction but in toys are allowed pages if they meet the former guidelines.