Prince Edgar

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The name or term "Edgar" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Edgar (disambiguation).
Prince Edgar
My Little Pony character
Biographical information
SpeciesBird  • Penguin
NationalityCharlton's Kingdom
HomeCharlton's Castle
FamilyCharlton Royal Family
Real world

Prince Edgar was the sole known son of King Charlton and heir to the kingdom. Unlike his father, Edgar was kind and gentle.


Edgar's known known friend was Sunny, a duck who he cared about deeply. Edgar was opposed to his father attempting to freeze over all of Ponyland and perhaps even Earth so he attempted to get his father to stop his evil deeds. His father refused, however and froze Sunny. Edgar attempted to thaw out his son when he came across the ponies and Megan, who were trying to save the world from Charlatan's conquest. Edgar aided his new friends and used his status as a prince to trick a penguin general into not slowing them down. Eventually, Edgar was frozen by his father, whom felt bad for what he did, realizing he loved his son after all. He unfroze Edgar and Edgar decided to help his father become a kinder man.



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