Duchess Precipita

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Duchess Precipita
Friendship is Magic character
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SpeciesPony  • Pegasus
Real world
Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds

Duchess Precipita is a Pegasus Pony mare also known as Precipita the Caring.


Duchess of the hidden Pegasus city of Cirrostrata, Precipita was the daughter of Count Cumulonimbus. At some point, Precipita was recruited to join the Magical Counsel of the Ancients. She befriended and fell in love with the explorer Brumby Cloverpatch when he stumbled upon the city. The pair were also close with another mare, Dew Point.

Unfortunately, Precipita’s father was mistrustful of outsiders. He forced Brumby to choose between never leaving Cirrostrata again, or never being able to return there. Despite his love for Precipita, Brumby chose the latter and left. Unaware of her father’s harsh ultimatum, Precipita was devastated and began to live in isolation, awaiting the day her beloved would return to her.

Years later, Precipita’s prayers were answered when Brumby snuck back into Cirrostrata. He brought with him Derring Do, giving her a letter addressed to Dew Point. This eventually reached her and Precipita, who at last learned the truth about Brumby’s departure. Precipita helped Daring to achieve her quest for the Half-Gilded Horseshoe, a magical treasure responsible for concealing Cirrostrata from the outside world.

Precipita then informed Daring of her membership in the Magical Counsel and of the possibility that Daring herself might one day join the group. She then asked her to take the horseshoe away from Cirrostrata so that it would no longer be hidden. Having tasked Daring with seeking out the other Enchanted Artifacts of the Ancients, Precipita left Cirrostrata herself. She chose to be an explorer herself, in the company of her beloved Brumby.

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