Double-necked guitar

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The overlord of rock and roll

This double-necked guitar was a prize sought over by both Rainbow Dash and Trixie Lulamoon. Though Trixie laid her hands on it first, the two teenage girl decided to compete over the item in a Shred-off. Though Trixie was winning, Dash pulled out her secret weapon, literal magic to defeat her and win the guitar, only to decide it wasn't really her speed. She let Trixie have it, but once Trixie realized it was cost 12,000 dollars, she angrily proclaimed Dash would pay.[1]

The model of guitar was, at least in the mythology of the pony universe, invented by Starswirl the Bearded who also invented several genre of music (such as Hip-Hop and Country) to defeat The Dazzlings.[2]





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