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A score board displaying several surnames, confirming that Doo is the last name of Derpy/Muffins/Ditzy

The Doo family is the family of Derpy, Muffins, Ditzy, Bubbles, or whatever you think her name to is. It is a small family with only two confirmed members and two speculative members.


Confirmed members

  • Derpy's mother: An unnamed, unseen mare, only mentioned in passing.[1] She seemed to be a very loving mother who believed in Derpy.
    • Derpy

Unconfirmed members

"To The Rescue", art by xKappax
  • Derby: A mare who looks identical to Derpy.
  • Dinky Doo: Often speculated to be Derpy's daughter, younger sister or some other relative, but there is limited evidence to suggest this. At least two WeLoveFine shirts feature the two together and they have been shown together in a few crowd shots.

In fanfiction

As alluded to above, it's often speculated that Dinky is Derpy's daughter, and thus, their relationship has been the vocal point of many fanfictions and fanart pieces. Derpy is almost universally portrayed as a loving figure, though the dynamic often has Dinky taking care of her mother, or stories revolving around Derpy being unable to care for Dinky properly.


  1. High Magic #27 - "Mega Mare"
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