Chestnut Falls

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Chestnut Falls
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Crystal pony
NationalityCrystal Empire
ResidenceChestnut Falls' Orphanage
HomeCrystal Empire
FamilySombra (honorary son)
AffiliationChestnut Falls' Orphanage
Real world
Fiendship is Magic #1

Chestnut Falls was a Crystal Pony who lived in the Crystal Empire before Sombra's conquests.


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Chestnut Falls was an exceedingly kind-hearted mare who truly moved the orphans in her care. She seemed to love Sombra like a son, standing by his bed when he was in great pain trying to make him feel better. She seemed to have a closer relationship to Sombra than most of her students, possibly due to Sombra's good nature or the simple fact that he needed to be taught what other foals simply knew. Even in the 1000 year reign of darkness, Sombra appeared to think highly of Chestnut as he wrote about her in his journals.

Behind the scenes

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