Call Me Mane

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Summer Mane: "Are you hurt? I heard this terrible sound--"
Twilight Sparkle: "No, , Ma'am, I was just singing to--"
Summer Mane: "Singing? Is that what you kids call music?"
―Twilight and Summer Mane[source]

Call Me Mane was a song popular in Equestria, circa Era of Harmony. Twilight Sparkle sung it while helping Summer Mane organize books at the Royal Archives. Twilight's singing was apparently so bad that Summer Mane thought she was hurt and making cries of help. Oh my. To counteract Twilight's awful singing, Summer Mane began to play Oh Blah Dee Doobie Woobie Oogie Boogie by the Boogie Woogie Pony Boy of Stable C. Twilight's reaction that that song wasn't anything special.


I know it's crazy, but call me mane...


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