Barrington residence

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Barrington residence
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"The Tea Party"

The Barington residence is the house in which the Barrington family live in. Prior to being remolded, it was the secret clubhouse of the pony gang.


The house prior to the renovation

Before the Barrington family moved in, the house was used as the clubhouse of the pony gang, where they hosted team parties to discuss various things.

When they saw the Barrington family taking furniture from the house, they assumed the family were thieves and decided to booby trap the house with various traps and basic, harmless weaponry. After a "battle" for the house, Mr. Barrington explained that they owned the house, leading the entire thing to be a misunderstanding. The ponies apologized and decided to help renovate the house for the family and in return, the family built the ponies a new clubhouse.



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