Barrington family

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The Barington family, minus Cherry Barrington

The Barrington family was a family that moved into the gangs old Secret Club House. They're an average sized family with a mother, father, son and daughter.


They decided to move into the abandoned and run down house that the gang used as a club house. Before they formallymoved in, they began to take way the furniture and other goods owned by the gang without knowing they were still in use. Believing the family to be robbers, the ponies booby trapped the house and made simple, harmless weapons out of bags to fend off the thieves. When they realized the family owned the house, they apologized and helped restore the house for the family. In turn, the family helped build the girls a new Clubhouse for the girls.

Afterwards, the son, Logan Barrington joins the club as the first boy member.



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