Baby Sea Turtles

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Baby Sea Turtles
BTS1E14 Baby Turtles.png
Species Turtle
Kind Sea Turtle
First "Aww... Baby Turtles"

These Sea Turtles hatched while Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Tank were enjoying a trip to the beach.


As was apparently normal with turtles, they hatched without the care of a parent to watch over them. Upon hatching, cried upon realizing their loneliness, which alerted the attention of Fluttershy. With her friends and Tank, she found the turtles and decided to forge a path for them to the sea. Her efforts were moot as Tank soon bonded with the turtles and guided them out to sea himself. The turtles believed Tank to be their mother and Tank grew to love them, crying when they swam away.[1]



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