Attire of Spike (Friendship is Magic)

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The attire of Spike has been quite varied, much more so than most Dragons in the world of Equestria. This is undoubtedly due to a number of factors, including his living among Ponies and the various adventures in which he accompanied the Mane Six.



When Rarity was abducted by the Nightmare Forces, Spike donned a suit of armor when he joined the mission to rescue her from the Moon. This consisted of a breastplate, over which he wore the fire ruby he had presented to Rarity as a gift some time previously. He also wore a helmet with a slitted visor that could be raised and lowered and a feathery red plume. He also carried various pieces of equipment, including a lance, a flail, and a shield decorated with Rarity's cutie mark.

Crystal armor

Dream armor

Magical armor

During the Changeling assault on Equestria, Spike was temporarily transformed into the same adult form he had achieved while undergoing greed-induced bigness, while retaining his usual personality, due to Princess Amore's potion. In this form, he was also fitted with a suit of golden armor, consisting of an open-faced helmet and a breastplate.


Spike's breastplate, which somewhat resembled that worn by Dragon Lord Torch, had the added feature of hoofholds that allowed a pony to ride securely on his back during battle in the Guardians of Harmony toyline. Shining Armor was shown taking advantage of this feature, whereas in the comic he simply clung to the back of Big Spike's neck.