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My Little Pony in the 1980s!
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Scan of a 1983 Sears Christmas Catalogue featuring My Pretty Pony and pals.

1983 is the second year since the release of My Pretty Pony. By two collectors, this year is sometimes referred to as Year Two given the second wave of My Little Pony toys were released during this time. It is notable for being the first year to include different variants of ponies; unicorns, pegasi and sea ponies were all represented alongside the earth ponies.



# Toyline Set Type Event Ref
1 Collector Ponies Y2 Pony N/A [1]
2 Earth Ponies I Pony N/A [2]
3 Pegasus Ponies I Pony N/A [3]
4 Unicorn Ponies I Pony N/A [4]
5 Sea Ponies I Sea Pony N/A [5]
6 Rainbow Ponies I Pony N/A [6]
7 Playset Ponies I Playset N/A [7]
8 Mail Order Ponies I Pony N/A [8]


# Name Publisher Type Ref
? 1982 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog Hasbro Toy catalog
? 1982 Christmas Sears catalog Sears Toy catalog







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