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Succession Boxes are boxes that display the succession of individuals in a specific rank, title, or position. Although the code for them may appear tricky, they are quite simple to use.



{{start box}}
{{Succession box
|title         = Element of Laughter
|name          = Fiona Floppyears
|years         = [[Era of Twilight]]
|before        = {{FIM|Pinkie Pie}}
|before-years  = [[Era of Princess Celestia]]
|after         = N/A
|after-years   =
{{End box}}


It is imperative you start off with {{start box}} and end with the {{end box}}, this is because you can add multiple Succession box templates into the same section. As for the parameters, they should be largely self-explanitory, but a brief description for each just in case.

  • |title the title of...the title, or posisition, etc. For exampple, |title=Singer for the Rainbooms
  • |title the name of the individual. For example, |name=Fiona Floppyears
  • |years the years in which the title was held. See Equestripedia:Eras of Equestrian history for FIM years used on the wiki. For real-life events, use real-world years.
  • |before the name of the individual who held the title before
  • |before-years the years in which the individual prior held the title
  • |after the name of the individual the title after
  • |after-years the years in which the individual who next held the title