Stygian's house

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Stygian's house
Overview information
LocationStygian's village
Historical information

Stygian lived in a small, hut-like house in his "Little Podunk Coastal Pony Town". He lived alone with a vast array of books, seashells and other such objects.



The exterior of his house is like most other houses in his village. It was small, round, but had other, smaller houses, built into it. His house was actually one of the bigger ones seen in his village. It had a few windows and some sort of shaggy roof.[1]


The interior of the house was very well organized. Stygian collected various seashells and books. He owned a desk where he did his research on and wrote on.[1]


Stygian lived in the house prior to the Dazzlings "concert" in his town, taking it over.<ref name = LOM7>It's unknown if Stygian went back to live in after his quest.



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