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Storm Creature General
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
NationalityStorm King's Realm
ResidenceStorm Creatures' Barracks
Real world
My Little Pony: Magic Princess

Klavis, also known as the Storm Creature General is a Storm Creature resident of Klugetown.


According to one account, the Storm Creature General was in charge of the Storm King's forces that invaded Ponyville, Equestria. Though his forces succeeded in capturing a number of the residents, they were soon forced to contend with a resistance movement led by Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Though he was firm in attempting to defeat and recapture the insurgents, their musical performance on friendship eventually moved him to change his ways.[1] Following the Storm King's defeat, he and a number of his comrades apparently resettled in Klugetown, where the Mane Six helped them to make amends with the populace.

Behind the scenes

Klavis was set to appear in My Little Pony: The Movie, though as cut for unknown purposes. This can be seen from concept art featuring him by Angela An.[2] He did later appear in My Little Pony: Magic Princess under the name "Storm Creature General".


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