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Jenn Blake

Jenn Blake, also known as PonyGoddess, is an American artist who has done work for IDW Publishing's Friendship is Magic and Friends Forever comic books, doing the pencil work for Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon the 16th issue of Friends Forever. She has also contributed misc artwork that has appeared in My Little Pony Art Gallery and special editions of comics.

Outside of comic work, she was a fashion designer for at least 12 years.[1]

Blake was diagnosed with cancer and retired from the art business and social media as a result. As of November of 2018, she has been confirmed to be alive, but "very ill" by close friends.[2]

Her last known artwork was published c.2015.[3]

Other contributions

Blake created the character of Sappho and added a magazine brand entitled "Pony" to the Friendship is Magic mythos.

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