Mr. Icy

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Mr. Icy
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth pony
ResidenceIcy residence, Frozen Waste
FamilyGlitter Drops (good friend)
Real world
The Return of Tempest Shadow: Greetings from Equestria

Mr. Icy was an aged pony who lived with his dog in the Frozen Wastes. He was good friends with Glitter Drops and acted with kindness and warmth around her. He however didn't take kindly to Tempest Shadow and showed her hostility.


Mr. Icy was an aged stallion who lived on a small homestead in the wastes of the Frozen North with his pet dog. He was experiencing food theft and damage to his fence by an unknown entity. Tempest Shadow and her old friend Glitter Drops were sent to investigate the incident by Tempest ended up getting in an heated argument with the stallion and stored off.[1]



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