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Yes, they did more then just Sonic

London Editions Limited, later renamed to Fleetway was a UK based publisher of magazines. In the mid 80s to early 90s, the produced comic books for the first generation of My Little Pony. The stories were published in the United Kingdom and a slew o European countries. However, many European nations simply got translated versions of the English stories.

Although now defunct, Fleetway is technically the most prolific My Little Pony comic producer to date, with nearly 300 English language comics produced and potentially over 1,000 comic and prose stories told all together. The only other produce that comes close is IDW Publishing, which only has yet to break the 200 comic margin.

Fleetway went defunct in 2002, well after being absorbed by Egmont. Today, the publication company is most well known for their unique take on the Sonic the Hedgehog mythos, notably turning the blue blue into an abrasive, rude and at times, violent hero who would turn savage and evil after becoming Super Sonic.


The art of the comics were done by the Spanish company, Selecciones Ilustradas. Known writers include Hilda Young, Mike Wild and Martin Gray. According to Martin Gray, Hasbro was extremely protective over the rights and limited storytelling potential.[1]



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