Fleetfoot (sqree)

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The name or term "Fleetfoot" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Fleetfoot (disambiguation).
MLP56 Fleetfoot.png
Species Animal
Kind Spree
Gender Male
Occupation Racer
Nationality Sqreerah
Real world
Voice actor Unknown
First "The Golden Horseshoes"

Fleetfoot was a mean, manipulative and dishonest Sqree from Sqreerah.


When the ponies requested his Horseshoe, he challenged Wind Whistler to a race knowing he would win thanks to his Golden Horseshoe. If she lost, she and her friends would have to become his servants for life. After they lost, they simply took the horseshoe anyway and flew off.

Behind the scenes[edit]

His voice actor was unaccredited, as was the large majority of Generation 1 characters, making his portrayer unknown.


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