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The Cutie Mark Crusaders encountering the dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were a diverse group of creatures who lived on Earth millions of years ago, though still live on through the memory of modern Equestrians.


When Zecora traveled through time, she briefly came across Brontosaurus, Pterodactyls and Spinosaurus'.[1] After Starswirl the Bearded discovered the ability to travel through dimensions, he and Celestia began to hop across worlds. Among the first world they visited was a dinosaur dimension where they encountered the Tyrannosaurus version of Fluttershy.[2]

Likewise, when Discord took Fluttershy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders on an adventure through time and space, they encountered a pack of dinosaurs, however unlike other encounters, these dinosaurs appeared intelligent and had personalities.[3]

When Ocellus was tasked with saving animals from a burning castle, she (after a long period of thinking about apples and bananas) decided to turn into a Tyrannosaurus rex in order to scare away the creatures.[4]



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