Ancient Ziggurat

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Ancient Ziggurat
Location Ponyville, Equestria
Type Ziggurat
First Unknown

The Ancient Ziggurat, also known as Daring Do's temple is a massive Ziggurat structure. Although not their actual homes, Daring Do, the Safari Pony, Quibble Pants, a Sphinx, Professor Fossil, the Bold Archaeologist and the Novice Archaeologist can live there.


Behind the scenes


  • Town: Ponyville
  • Size: 4x4
  • Build Time: 10h 40m
  • Build Skip: 16 Gems
  • Reward: 40 XP

Real world origins

Ziggurats roughly translates to "to build on a raised area" in Akkadian, though the structures are typically more associated with the Sumerian civilization, with the most iconic and well-known Ziggurat being the Ziggurat of Ur. Despite being a Mesopotamia structure, in My Little Pony, the temple seems to be more inspired by Egyptian and American settings. The Sphinx is obviously Egyptian, while the structure itself and the tropical flora seems more reminiscent of Mexican pyramids, such as Chichen Itza, which furthermore fits the more stereotypical Aztec-Maya theme that the Daring Do mythos is based around. Furthermore, the outfits worn by its residents resemble the stereotypical wares worn by European explorers in the 19th and early 20th centuries.



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