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Zap Apples are a magical type of apple that are native to the Everfree Forest, and have a very specific growing cycle. They are shaped like regular apples, but are rainbow in color. They bloom from flowers on zap apple trees, and when unripe, they are grey in color and are extremely hard to pick.

Growing Cycle

There are five signs of the Zap Apples' arrival that happen within a span of a few days, and they come and go fast. Also, apparently the apples disappear on the fifth day. (Family Appreciation Day)

  • Sign one: The timberwolves start howling. Occurs some time around midnight or dawn, most likely Thursday (but there's a possibility it could be Wednesday night)
  • Sign two: Heavy gusts of winds and thunderclouds appear, and small blue electric currents pass through the trees. Then, purple leaves spontaneously appear. Happens somewhere around the afternoon on Thursday, assuming that Apple Bloom already got out of school.
  • Sign three: Grey clouds and windy skies again, but this time a murder of crows encircles the farm. The electric currents pass through the trees again, and flowers bloom on the zap apple trees. It's safe to assume this happens on Friday in the afternoon, since Apple Bloom was shown in school on that day, and the next school day is Monday.
  • Sign four: Multiple shooting stars can be seen in the sky, and the flowers spontaneously turn into unripe grey apples. Happens on sundown on Saturday (Apple Bloom says "tomorrow is Sunday")
  • Sign five: A severe thunderstorm occurs, and leaves behind a rainbow when finished. The electric currents pass through the trees, and the unripe apples turn into ripe apples, and each one shoots a rainbow beam linked to another zap apple. After this, it leaves behind a sort of aurora borealis effect around the trees but with rainbows. This presumably happens on Monday, since on the same day the crusaders are seen in school again. This would also mean the zap apples disappear on this day, because it would be the fifth day if day one was Thursday.

Zap Apple Jam

You can make lots of food with zap apples such as cake, muffins, fruitcake, pie, and cupcakes. The most popular product is zap apple jam, which has very specific rules of being made.

Explained in Family Appreciation Day during Granny Smith's story:

  • You must be extra friendly to the bees, so their honey is sweet
  • Glass jars apparently need to be talked to, as if you're a military general
  • Zap apples like pink polka dots, and it's shown you must paint the walls with pink polka dots

Shown elsewhere in Family Appreciation Day:

  • You must "sing to the water" — the watering cans must be placed in a circle, and you must jump around them while singing the ABC's song, and apparently while wearing a bunny suit (or at least bunny ears).
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