King Vorak

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King Vorak
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
NationalityInfernal Lands
FamilyInfernal Lands royal family
Real world
Fiendship is Magic #2
"The Ending of the End"

King Vorak was the king of the Infernal Lands, the father of Tirek and Scorpan and husband of Queen Haydon.


Vorak and Haydon summoned Tirek and Scorpan to an audience following their return from a trip to the Infernal Lands, over a thousand years before the formation of the Mane Six. Such trips were a sore point with the pair, with Vorak deeming Tirek's behavior as unworthy of his heir. He deemed-and rightly so-that Tirek's path would eventually lead him to overthrow his father. Later, when Vorak learned that Sendak had abducted a unicorn from Equestria, he had the rogue mystic sentenced to a life of hard labor. Learning from some Gremlins that Tirek had visited Sendak the previous night, Vorak demanded to know what he had done. Tirek refused to comply, and Vorak had him confined to his room while he left to lead a delegation to Equestria to return the unicorn and apologize for the kidnapping

During the Apocalypse he was mentioned by Discord, who claimed that Tirek's theft of magic was meant to compensate for not measuring up to his father's expectations.[1]


Vorak was a stern and grumpy individual, never shown to be in good-spirits, having to deal with the deeds of his evil son Tirek and his well-meaning, but weak-willed son Scorpan. Vorak at least tried to have good diplomatic relationships with other rulers however, and tried to have a diplomatic discussion with the princesses of Equestria over the misdeeds of Sendak. Little is known of what became of Vorak after his son's early acts of evil.

Behind the scenes

Debuting in Fiendship is Magic #2, Vorak is one of the few comic-original characters to ever get noted by the show, even if it was just a reference.



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