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Twilight Sparkle
Friendship is Magic character
S1E24 Study of Comets.png
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
AddressSparkle residence
Twilight's dorm
Golden Oak Library
Castle of Friendship
FamilySparkle family
Equestrian Royal Family
RelativesSee here
AffiliationMane Six
School of Friendship
The Rainbooms
Real world
VoiceTara Strong
Kira Buckland[note 1]
LiveChloe MacGregor

Queen[1][2] Twilight Sparkle was the Element of Magic and last known monarch of Equestria, serving as the queen after the Retirement of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Before her reign as the matriarch of the country, she worked as the Princess of Friendship, and before that, she was a humble librarian at Golden Oak Library. Born in the capital city of Canterlot, Twilight was the youngest child and only daughter. Early in her life, she enrolled at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns where she was taught as Celestia's own pupil.


Main continuity[edit]



Twilight Sparkle was born in Canterlot[3] and grew up in a household with her parents Twilight Velvet, Night Light and her older brother, Shining Armor.[4] After the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight grew enamored with Princess Celestia and studied hard to become a student at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns. Though she didn't initially past, due to the boost by the Sonic Rainboom, she managed to gain a surge of magic and hatched Spike from his egg and became the official protégé of Princess Celestia at the school.[5]

Spike eventually went to live with Twilight at her house and would often join her and Shining Armor as they compete for the title of "Sibling Supreme", which Shining Armor ultimately won from them.[4] She was often babysat by Princess Cadance and the two grew to love each other like family[6] and did many activities together like making macaroni art pieces, which Spike apparently never appreciated.[7]

Teenage and young adult life[edit]

Twilight spent her days at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns, often studying and sometimes hanging out with others. Although characterized as the girl who thought studying was more important than friendship, she actually did manage to accumulate a decent amount of good and caring friends in her life. At her school, she became great friends with Twinkleshine, Minuette and Moon Dancer and to some extent knew Lyra Heartstrings, although they were sometimes annoyed by her constantly studying attitude, they accepted it as a part of who she was.[8] Another friend Twilight had during this time was the kindly old librarian Dusty Pages, who invited Twilight over for tea from time to time.[7]

On the day Twilight left for Ponyville, she forgot to return her copy of Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit, which eventually caused Dusty Pages to retire from her life as a librarian and become a musician instead at Silver Stable Community, something Twilight would later greatly regret, believing she got her fired.[7] during the same day, she forgot to visit Moon Dancer's party, which caused the already insecure unicorn to become a shut in, rarely leaving her house.[8]

Librarian of Ponyville[edit]

Twilight often did public speeches during her days in Ponyville

After moving to Ponyville, Twilight became the librarian of Golden Oak Library, along with her ever-faithful little brother, Spike. Together with her friends, Twilight participated in many events within Ponyville, such as the Running of the Leaves, Iron Pony Competition, and Nightmare Night while also helping as an organizer for community events such as a talent show and the Winter Wrap Up.

Twilight quickly and naturally established herself was an important figure of Ponyville society, working as a public speaker to give important speeches in town square, organizing town meetings to warn her citizens of dangers encroaching the town, or organizing local festivals and events, such as the Welcome Princess Celestia celebration. Twilight in these situations either went at a perfectly slow, yet methodical and happy pace, or desperately tried to do something as well as possible, often failing at it in the process, but also striving to improve upon herself and her abilities.

Twilight developed many meaningful relationships during this period of her life. Her first unusual friend not among the friends she made in her first adventure was arguably the kind and mature zebra, Zecora. Though Twilight initially believed Zecora to be an evil-doer who cursed her and her friends and kidnapped Apple Bloom, she quickly learned that Zecora was a friendly and compassionate, if slightly odd, individual who quickly forgave her for her wrong-doings and the two developed a minor student-teacher relationship, with Twilight admiring Zecora and her abilities.

Twilight encounters Trixie

Another notable relationship was fellow unicorn Trixie Lulamoon, a deeply insecure and vain unicorn who performed at live magic shows displaying her impressive magic abilities, wowing audiences and scoring fans. Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six saw through her act almost instantly, but Twilight refused to act, fearing her friends who grow to dislike her as they disliked Trixie, but after Twilight saved Ponyville from an Ursa Minor, something Trixie actively fled from trying, her fears were shown to be unfounded and her friends loved her even more.

Twilight's next, and final antagonistic, confrontation with Trixie happened about a year later when the unicorn, now empowered by the Alicorn Amulet, came back to Ponyville to enact her revenge and banished Twilight from the town. Devastated, but eager to save the day, Twilight trained with Zecora in the Everfree Forest to defeat her with guile. Twilight managed to defeat Trixie for a second time and this time, Trixie saw the error of her ways and the two became friends.

Twilight would also become a close figure to members of the Apple family and Belle family, becoming a mentor and big-sister figure to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and a close friend of Big McIntosh. Despite her many friendships however, she more-or-less only truly spent time with her fellow Elements of Harmony, her own family, and the Crusaders.

Unarguably, the biggest and most important adventures Twilight went on during this period of her life were stopping Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra from taking over Canterlot and the Crystal Empire respectively. With the help of her good friends and her siblings, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, she managed to beat back both villains and restore peace in the locations they attacked and more importantly, stopped them from spreading their evil presence to the rest of Equestria.

Princess of Friendship[edit]

Twilight was coronated at roughly the end of her first year in Ponyville and became the Fourth Princess of Equestria, gaining the title of Princess of Friendship in the process. For an unknown but sizable period of time, Twilight still resided in Golden Oak, but was expected to soon move into the Castle of Two Sisters and so she and her frieds attempted to renovate the structure.[9] She never did move in, however, and instead she moved to the Castle of Friendship after Tirek destroyed her humble library in his assaults on Equestria.[10] Twilight quickly rose to celebrity status, both being highly respected locally and abroad.[11][12]

Twilight remained humble in her tenure as princess, often spending her time educating others, typically foals but sometimes her friends.[11][13]

Exploits in the human world[edit]
Storm War[edit]
School of Friendship=[edit]

Queen of Equestria[edit]

And I used to wonder, what friendship could be...

Twilight's final day in Ponyville was a day of great sadness for her. The fear of moving away from her friends and anxiety of losing them in the process made an already difficult situation for Twilight much harder as she prepared for her coronation and packed up to move to Canterlot. However, with the aid of her friends, she managed to overcome her fears and performed the coronation, officially becoming the Queen of Equestria.

Much of Twilight's life after her second and final coronation was unclear, but she ruled Equestria as a graceful, majestic and kind ruler. Much like Celestia did prior, Twilight took up charge as the headmare of Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns and took a student under her wing named Luster Dawn, who may have been the daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst.

Twilight kept in contact with her five friends from Ponyville, and presumably the other friends she made along the way, and founded the Friendship Council, an organization made up of her, Spike, the others and possibly Discord as they caught up on each others lives, discussed matters of Equestria and ruled the land together.

Using her continued friendship with the others as an example, Twilight taught Luster Dawn that friendship isn't something that fades, but stays forever if true and genuine.[14]

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As a child, Twilight was introverted, yet adventurous, often going on adventures with Shining Armor. She did have a quiet social side, as seen in the fact that she played tabletop games with her brothers' friends and befriended his to-be girlfriend, later wife, Cadance. Despite her introverted nature, she was not exactly shy, simply having high standards in who she would become friends with, as seen with how she quizzed Cadance before allowing her to bake her cookies.

As a young adult, Twilight would mellow out considerably. Adopting Spike and having a small but somewhat tightknit group of friends at the School For Gifted Unicorns helped Twilight become susceptible to befriending others, which was solidified when she and the then fledgling Mane Six saved Equestria from Nightmare Moon. Almost overnight, Twilight went from being closed off and slightly pompous to exceptionally friendly and communal.

Twilight, by her very nature, was hard-working, kind-hearted, good-natured, forward-focused and caring. She was shown time and time again to risk her life to protect others, even strangers, simply because she thought it was the right thing to do. To her younger friends (or sometimes, friends of equal age), Twilight often took on the role of a teacher and mentor -- guiding them any way she could, something she often went out of her way to do for the children of Ponyville.

Being an intellectual and scholar, Twilight often used her brain to solve issues rather than her hooves. These skills leant her to becoming a diplomat, often aiding her nation in political struggles with neighboring kingdoms. Despite her political and regal positions, Twilight cared about all people from all lands, and fought for their freedoms just as much as she fought of Equestria's. Although she usually tried to solve problems through peace, make no mistake, Twilight could throw down like the best of them and was quite possibly one of the most powerful ponies in the world.

Interests and hobbies[edit]

In spite of being a princess, Twilight's interests were often times rather boorish. She regularly attended working-class dining establishments and ate like a hog. Her favorite book series is the pulpy Daring Do series of books, though she also read academic literature. She was a fan of various sports and even played in a few, though she's never been shown to be particularly athletic. Twilight did everything with heart and spirit, rarely ever lazing about.


Intellect and skills[edit]

Twilight playing the piano

Twilight had many skills across the board, but her most apparent trait was her intellect. Twilight had a mastery over a wide spread of academic concepts, from history, to engineering to various forms of sciences. In particular, Twilight had an affinity towards astronomy and loved to stargaze. Next to her intellectual abilities, Twilight was an incredibly talented musician, primarily a singer and worked as the lead singer for The Rainbooms. Twilight didn't display much talent with other musical instruments, but was a talented pianists.

As a byproduct of her intellect, Twilight was a natural born leader. Not only was she courageous and compassionate, but also was able to make tough decisions, organize creatures and know what was best for others.

Although Twilight's athletic abilities were often mocked by her friends, Twilight did display a number of abilities in this regard. Firstly, her flying skills, though not nearly as good as Dash's, was shown to be quite good by the time she got the hang of them, and was shown to be able to fly across Equestria in, at most, hours, going from Canterlot to Silver Shores in no time. However, her showings in other fields were lackluster. Her soccer game against Rainbow Dash was incredibly one-sided and she was among the last ponies to finish the Running of the Leaves, but she has shown great stamina and an unwillingness to give up during her attempts at these endeavors.

Magic and powers[edit]

Twilight was considered the greatest unicorn in Ponyville in terms of magical powers and was able to lift even an Ursa Minor with her abilities. Twilight's most often used ability was probably her teleportation spell, which allowed her and others to teleport a great distance, though the extent of said distance was never revealed. Aside from teleportation, Twilight tended to use forcefields to both protect and trap herself, her friends and her enemies. Although a pacifist by nature, Twilight still used offensive magic when necessary, such as when she used magical blasts to combat Tirek and other fiends.

Twilight in addition had spells that allowed her to enter books, create sound-proof silence, transmute living beings into objects and grow hair.

Behind the scenes[edit]

"Star Gazing Twilight", a sketch for the series' original "show bible", My Little Pony Adventures

Twilight Sparkle was an original character conveived by Lauren Faust for the 4th Generation of My Little Pony. In the TV series, 2017 film, all Equestria Girls productions and Pony Life, Twilight Sparkle has been voiced by Tara Strong, who has gone down as one of Strong's most famous and iconic voice roles, compared to her roles as Timmy Turner, Bubbles, Raven, and Harley Quinn. Strong didn't audition for Twilight Sparkle, and was instead approached by Faust as she was in the process of making a pitch for a new My Little Pony television show. Strong portrayed Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and either Applejack or Rainbow Dash, but Faust decided she was perfect for Twilight.[15]

Strong has received and been nominated for a number of awards for her performance, such as the Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series – Children's/Educational and People's Choice: Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series – Children's/Educational awards from Behind the Voice Actors awards in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017.[16][17][18][19]

Though Strong has portrayed Twilight in the majority of My Little Pony productions, Kira Buckland, a famous anime voice actress, instead portrayed her in various software and applications.[20] In the Japanese TV show, Little Pony TV, Twilight was portrayed by Miyuki Sawashiro, a Japanese singer and member of Milky Holmes, who is also her first voice in the Japanese dub. In the short-lived stage production, My Little Pony Musical, the pony was played by Chloe MacGregor.[21] It is currently unclear who portrayed her in the Chinese musicals or Hello Pinkie Pie, as information regarding those productions have not been disclosed. Her singing voice in all credited productions was provided by Rebecca Shoichet.

Interesting, both Strong and Buckland have portrayed Twilight in major parodies or tributes. The former played her in MAD and the latter in DEATH BATTLE, where she did battle against Raven, a character ironically portrayed by Strong.

Princess or Queen?[edit]

The exact title Twilight Sparkle used post-second coronation has been a somewhat contested subject. In the mobile game by Gameloft, Twilight was referred to as the Queen of Equestria, however, the television show still referred to her as "Princess Twilight" in "The Last Problem". A possible solution to this continuity hiccup is that 'Princess Twilight' was still used in her early reign, whereas "Queen Twilight" was not used until far into the future.


Like with every character in the show, their is confusion regarding the actual age of Twilight, which fans generally assuming late teens to mid 20s as the general range. Using secondary canon sources such as the IDW Publishing comic books, a decent amount of chronology involving Twilight's age can be gleamed. Most notably, promotional material for My Little Pony: 20/20 described the story taking place twenty-years in the past, which took place during the Sonic Rainboom period, meaning the Sonic Rainboom that connected the Mane Six happened twenty years prior to the events of the comic, which were set sometime after My Little Pony: The Movie. Some fans however do not take this as canon as the actual contents of the book give vague descriptions of the chronology.

Twilight is around the same age as Lyra, as the two went to school together in the same classes, and Lyra has been shown to be old enough to join S.M.I.L.E.[22] and get married, implying they're adults.


Twilight often contends with Pinkie Pie as being the face of the My Little Pony brand. Twilight has appeared on countless trading cards and has hundreds of unique toys modeled in her likeness and was among the first three toys in the Bishoujo toyline. As of 2020, Twilight remains much of the face as she appears front and center in the packaging for Reveal the Magic toys.

Twilight Twinkle[edit]

Twilight Twinke

As depicted in the bible, My Little Pony Adventures, Twilight was previously named "Twilight Twinkle". While her characterization was mostly the same, being described as clever, intelligent, somewhat insensitive and rude but kind-hearted, morally sound, brave with a strong sense of right and wrong, as well as both a natural leader and insecure, her history was slightly different. Being the Unicorn of Ponyville, a concept dropped in the final show, Twilight Twinkle was a courtly individual who would receive missions from Queen Celestia, an inverse of the concept in the show.

Twilight Twinkle was to have strong relationships with Cheerilee and Shaman (who later turned into Zecora). With Cheerilee, Twilght and her were to have a very close relationship, being both studious ponies with passions for lore and histories. This relationship was almost dropped entirely from the show, but the two nonetheless appear to be good friends. With Shaman, Twilight was to have a mentor-student relationship with her with Shaman being her mentor. This relationship was brought up to an extent in "Magic Duel" where Zecora mentored Twilight to defeat Trixie.

Though unclear, Twilight had some relationship to the city of "Canterbury".

Twilight presumably was set to appear in two unproduced episodes. "Fancy Meeting You Deer" and "Nothing More to Sea". In the former, she was to convince an adoptive pony boy who was adopted by Deer who were described like stereotypical North-Eastern Native Americans (presumably inspired by the Iroquois or Algonquian peoples) to come back to Fillydelphia and in the latter, she was to travel a city at the beach only to discover it was dry and quickly becoming a ghost town. Eventually, she was to confront the Kraken in the Sea Pony Kingdom.

Appearances in other Hasbro media[edit]

Twilight appeared as a minor throughout other pieces of Hasbro media. She was a major character in the comic "When Worlds Collide", where she helped Optimus Prime and the Autobots fight off Megatron and was set to appear in the canceled Transformers x My Little Pony. Twilight appeared in pieces of artwork throughout Synergy: A Hasbro Creators Showcase and was shown to interact with members of The Holograms. Additionally, merchandise depicting Twilight as Dungeons & Dragons has been released.


Voice actors[edit]

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