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|cover1       = Too Cool for School Cover.jpg
|issue1       = Steven Universe: Too Cool for School
|description1 = ''Steven Universe: Too Cool for School'' will give readers a closer look at the friendship between Steven and [[Connie Maheswaran|Connie]] and what happens when Steven tags along with Connie to school one day. (Hint: There is a reason Steven doesn't regularly attend school with humans.)<br>
The graphic novel will feature dodgeball, teachers, and food fights.
|releasedate1 = April 12, 2016

|cover2       = SU_Anti_Gravity.jpg
|issue2       = Steven Universe: Anti-Gravity
|description2 = The story will see Steven and the Crystal Gems travel to the [[Moon Base]] to figure out who (or what) might be causing the electrical disturbances that are causing objects to mysteriously hover all over [[Beach City|town]].
|releasedate2 = July 25, 2017