Suzette (humanoid)

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The name or term "Suzette" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Suzette (disambiguation).
My Little Pony character
Biographical information
NationalityPrince Philip's kingdom
Real world
"The Prince and the Ponies"

Suzette was the sister Prince Philip and was the rightful princess of their kingdom. Much like her brother, she was kind, fair and brave. Before being trapped by Duchess, she and her brother ruled the land as prince and princess. She was able to escape unlike her brother and managed to tell the ponies about her missing brother, but as they didn't know the full story, didn't know to help. After the ponies managed to help Prince Philip escape his dungeon, she and her brother had a heartfelt reunion. Like her brother, she then went out to become the rightful ruler of the land once more.

Behind the scenes

Suzette was also the name of another, vaguely French character who appeared in My Little Pony Tales.


Suzette, along with her brother, were of unidentified species. Though they were humanoid in appearance, they had distinctly sharp ears; traits mostly seen in elves such as Kara, but were more drawn closer to gnomes like Garth and the possibly-but-unconfirmed Arial.


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