Super Funk (Equestria Girls)

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Super Funk
EQGS2E5 Funk.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Canterlot, Equestria
First "Street Magic w/ Trixie"

Super Funk was a young child who seems to live in Canterlot, Equestria.


He was walking down the street when he came across Trixie Lulamoon's street magic performance and after seeing "her" magic, he was instantly impressed.[1]

He was at the skate park with his friends, Gallop J. Fry, Little Red, Lily Longsocks and Rainbow Dash witnessing her filming her and Tank's sick skateboard techniques. He was scared when he saw Tank about to perform his death-defying trick, but cheered him on anyway.[2]



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