Shunya Yamashita

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Shunya Yamashita
My Little Pony staff

Shunya Yamashita is a Japanese artist, character designer and figure designer. Beginning in 2000, Shunya was employed by Square Enix where he designed NPCs and weaponry for Final Fantasy X, and has since done art for several major franchises, such as Street Fighter, Guilty Gear,[3] DC Comics, and Marvel.[4]

His work with My Little Pony was pubically revealed on June 29, 2018 where the first art of his Pinkie Pie figure was displayed on the Kotobukiya website as a promotional item for San Diego Comic Con, 2018.[1] He would eventually illustrate the entire Mane Six, along with Sunset Shimmer, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Hatsune Miku.


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