Shining Harmer

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Shining Harmer
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
OccupationRoller derby player
ResidenceFillydelphia, Equestria
AffiliationFillydelphia Phracturers

Shining Harmer is a member of the Fillydelphia Phracturers roller derby team. She's an apparent Earth Pony.


Shining Harmer took part in a roller derby game against the Manehattan Manglers.[1]

Behind the scenes

Interestingly, while Shining Harmer’s name is an obvious parody of Shining Armor, her coloration is virtually identical to that of Princess Cadance. Though she has no visible wings or horn, the possibility that Cadance may have disguised/transformed herself in some fashion is well within the realm of possibility. Jeremy Whitley, when questioned, left the matter open to fan interpretation.



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