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Secluded Cabin
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The Secluded Cabin is a house located in Ponyville where Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda reside.


Cranky retired to the cabin after spending many years fruitlessly searching for Matilda, unaware that she had been living in town the entire time. While unpacking, he was visited by Pinkie Pie in her continuing efforts to befriend him. Unfortunately, Pinkie accidentally set Cranky’s beloved scrapbook, containing mementos of his brief acquaintance with Matilda, on fire, destroying much of it. Enraged, Cranky threw her out, declaring that they would never be friends.

Trying to apologize, Pinkie returned to the cabin, only for Cranky to flee her. Eventually the pair ended up back at the cabin, where they were joined by Matilda, much to Cranky’s shock. Pinkie explained that she had seen Matilda’s scrapbook, and thus realized that Matilda was the friend Cranky had mentioned searching for. The two Donkeys reminisce, happy to be reunited, and Cranky finally accepts Pinkie as his friend. The pair then enter the cabin, renewing their long ago romance, but are interrupted by the jubilant Pinkie, whom they both ask to leave.

Matilda later visited the cabin on her and Cranky’s wedding day, and it was there that she discovered a misprint on the invitations regarding the date. She presumably took up residence in the cabin with her new husband following the ceremony.




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