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ROM was a Spaceknight from the planet of Elonia. At point, he joined the Space Patrol, Equestria's space defense force.

Behind the scenes[edit]

ROM was initially a Hasbro toyline that, while often considered underwhelming, spawned a tie-in comic with Marvel Comics. The comic series however received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with some reviewers calling it among the best science fiction comics of all time. This version of Rom is based off the Hasbro universe incarnation as seen in Hasbro's shared IDW universe. Although this universe doesn't include My Little Pony, there have been several allusions and hints to it, such as ROM appearing on a cover for the 44th issue of Friendship is Magic.


The same issue Rom appeared on "Ponies of Dark Water - Part II" also featured a cover baring The Holograms, a band based off Jem and the Holograms, another Hasbro property.


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