Prince Philip

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Engarde ye scallywag!

Prince Philip was the righteous and rightful ruler of his kingdom. Brave, adventurous, a skilled fighter and a natural born leader, Philip had the ability to inspire hope in his men and friends alike.


Philip and his sister ruled their kingdom has Prince and Princess, until their maid trapped them in the dungeons and forced herself as the monarch. Though his sister managed to escape, Philip did not until he received the help of the ponies. Using his cleverness and skill with a sword, Philip fought his way through his palace until he finally arrived at the place of the Duchess and her daughter. Upon seeing the horrible actions of her daughter, Philip was able to sway the alligence of the guards back to his side by showing them the actions of their new ruler.

After the Duchess was overthrown, Philip ruled as the rightful prince once again.


Philip was kind, just, brave and caring. He was a skilled fencer, capable of fencing against guards. He was a great leader, capable of commanding the respect of men several years his elder, while also having a youthful spirit to him.


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