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Throughout the My Little Pony franchise, there exist countless places, both visited and explored, and some simply referenced. These places have varied in mighty kingdoms to small towns, entire dimensions to locally owned businesses, and everything in between. Here, you will read about the types of places typically explored in My Little Pony works and find directory of places described on the wiki.


My Little Pony 'n Friends[edit]

"Setting" in the fantasy definition tends to refer to the entirety of a work, including the places and all that reside within them. The original My Little Pony cartoon series took place primarily in Pony Land, though brief instances of Earth were also displayed in some stories. Pony Land was a vast land filled with many kingdoms and cultures, each seemingly disconnected from the other, these included nations of elves, towns of mice, sentient mountains, and even portals to alternate dimensions, and so much more.

My Little Pony Tales[edit]

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Types of places[edit]



Main category: Continents

A continent in the fictional context is typically a massive landmass that contains different countries.


A jungle is a woodland of dense overgrowth found in places with a tropical climate.

Many jungles were found across the continent of Greater Equestria, with the most famous being the Forbidden Jungle, a place where Daring Do did most of great great adventures. However, the forbidden Jungle was far from unique, near Cloudsdale, there existed the Thunder Jungle, a jungle with a seemingly perpetual thunderstorm. Pieces of concept art for depicted the Mane Six as traversing through a Treacherous Jungle throughout their quest.

A potentially fictional jungle included the Pygolian jungle, a jungle that hid away the mysterious Pygolian civilization.