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The Mane Six and co, gazing upon the Centennial Celebration

Astronomy is the science of celestial bodies, astronomical phenomenon and objects found within space. Astronomers would study the night sky and find stars, planets, comets and constellations. Several objects and buildings have been constructed to aid in the study, such as telescopes observatories.

Astronomy of Equestria

Equestria is on a planet known as "Earth". There exist many planets around Equestria, but the vast majority of them have been unnamed and are inconsistently drawn, making the distinction between them hard to pin-point, however a planet resembling Saturn has been depicted on several occasions. One known planet includes "Marsh", a planet that was written about in science fiction as containing space aliens.

Equestria is located relatively near the "Horsehead Nebula", which the "Secretariat Comet" passes through routinely.

Astronomical concepts


Main category: Astronomical objects


Main category: Planets
Several planets on display at the Canterlot planetarium

Planets, sometimes referred to as worlds, are large (though small in relative) celestial bodies that typically contain moons, continents, and other geographical features. Very, very few planets contain life, In fact, aside from Pony worlds, the only planets known to contain life have been fictional, such as Marsh. Well, that and a certain planet that contains Transformers, but that isn't real...or is it? It is, now.


Main category: Stars
Princess Celestia's cutie mark, which depicts the sun

A star is a type of astronomical object. Gaseous spheres of gas, stars glow bright and hot, bright and hot enough to illuminate and heat nearby planets.



A comet, as described by Twilight Sparkle in her essay, The Study of Comets, was a small, irregularly shaped body made from nonvolatile grains and frozen gases. It is surrounded by a Coma.

Comets can be observed from Earth, with perhaps the most infamous comet being the Secretariat Comet, which boosted the power of all magical species.

A Coma was a small cloud of material that tended to surround comets. Twilight Sparkle wrote about them in her essay, The Study of Comets.

Black hole



Astrology is a pseudo-scientific field involving equinox rotations. Astrology involves the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

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