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okie_dokie_party is a pink-haired human male who is actually unhealthily with Pinkie Pie

Released on December 13, 2016, okie_dokie_party is an energetic and hyperactive young man who loves to party and is always the life of it. He's a comedian at heart though and loves to make others laugh, especially his friends. He considers himself quite the "artiste" with the skateboard and takes great pride in his skills.




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  1. Hyperactive, excitable, quirky, and outgoing just like his favorite pony, PINKIE PIE, okie_dokie_party (as his many many friends know him online) loves to make everyone smile and laugh. A real goofball, this dude's the real life of the party! A true skateboard "artiste" (as he likes to call himself), his ultimate goal is to become a comedian and as his friends could tell you, he's well on his way already!
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