My Little Pony (TV series)

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My Little Pony, My Little Pony, what will today's adventure be?

My Little Pony was the first animated series in the long-lived My Little Pony franchise that lasted from 1986 to 1987 with a total of 65 episodes, making it the second longest running My Little Pony television series, second to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which was over three times the length of original series.

Indeed, the original cartoon has had a long and impactful legacy, but best not to forget that it was also really weird. Plotlines were far more fantastical then even Friendship is Magic, and rarely had any real continuity. Episodes tended to introduce strange new species, places, and magical objects on the fly with little to any rhyme or reason, giving the show a very 'off the wall' vibe that kept things fresh and always interesting.


As mentioned above, this show was odd. It can best be described as a highly episodic show, though most individual episodes were apart of a much longer television story, the longest of these, "The End of Flutter Valley" lasted for 10 episodes, while most episodes tended to last between 3-4, but varied considerably. As the shows theme song implies, the show was highly adventurous, with most episodes taking place in entirely different places, with a surprisingly varied plot structure with imaginative and creative stories.


'My Little Pony was animated by two companies, AKOM and Toei Animation, South Korean and Japanese companies respectively. The shows production itself was also handled by two different parties, Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions. The series was apart of a programming block called My Little Pony 'n Friends, which aired additional cartoons as the titular "friends" of My Little Pony, including The Glo-Friends, Moon Dreamers, and The Mister Potato Head Show. The main series began airing three months after My Little Pony: The Movie and two years after "Rescue at Midnight Castle", with the first episode airing on September 15, 1986.



Additional voices by Michael Bell, Joey Camen, Melanie Gaffin, Tress MacNeille, and Frank Welker


My Little Pony employed a large rotating cast of ensemble characters, though the most recurring of these was probably Megan Williams. Other recuring characters included Megan's siblings, Danny Williams and Molly Williams, and various ponies such as Wind Whister, Lofty, Twilight, and many more. Most episodes tended to include unique characters who only appeared in their respective stories, these usually took the forms of villains like King Charlatan, Grogar, and Somnambula (it should be noted that Tirac and Catrina technically didn't appear in the show, but in specials), but original heroic characters also appeared quite often, such as Scheherazade, Alonzo, and Garth.