My Little Pony's Original Sin

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"My Little Pony's Original Sin" or just the "Original Sin" is a concept coined by Sherilyn Connelly to reference the idea that all My Little Pony media is nothing more than a commercial to sell toys to children, and that it was received poorly purely for that idea alone.


The term "Original Sin" is referenced 13 times in her book Ponyville Confidential: The History and Culture of My Little Pony, 1981-2016 and is named in reference to the biblical idea of the "Original Sin" - that all of humanity is cursed due to the misdeeds of Adam and Eve, with Adam and Eve being replaced with My Little Pony and the misdeeds being the toyline. She first began to use the term when reviewing contemporary reviews for My Little Pony: The Movie when reviews boiled down to the movie being offensive solely for having a toyline behind it.

Later, she brought up the potential sexism behind the ridicule, as shows such as He-Man and Transformers got less ridicule for being toyetic in nature (though it should be noted that Transformers toy-based nature still netted it lots of controversy and flack back in the day and still does to an extent, same with He-Man and plenty of other toy based shows marketed for boys) but later acknowledged tat the idea of the "Original Sin" could be spotted in virtually every multi-media franchise of the day.

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