Lightning Rod

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Lightning Rod
A New Generation character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony • Unicorn
OccupationLighthouse keeper
ResidenceWhispering Beacon, Candlebright Cove
Real world
My Little Pony #5

Lightning Rod was the lighthouse keeper in Candlebright Cove, Equestria and an early victim of Discord. Lightning Rod was a hardy and friendly stallion who nonetheless hid a tragic background with a cheery demeanor, being not only the sole survivor of his town, but the cause of its demise.


Lightning Rod was an resident of "Old" Equestria, prior to even Discord's banishment, which caused his sheer longevity to be questioned by Zipp Storm when they met. In his youth, he came to work in Candlebright Cove, despite it being an earth pony town and him being a unicorn. He quickly grew to love the settlement and the people there, but he eventually grew outdated as his profession of a lighthouse keeper was no longer relevant in a quickly modernizing world.

While packing his things, he came across the fabled Mirror of Mayhem, which contained the spirit of Discord, who told him that he could make his job never obsolete. In desperation, Lightning Rod freed him, but his town was completely gone in the process and his horn gone. Discord, too, was free.

Much, much later, he sent the Mane Five an email regarding his information regarding Discord and told them the tale of his encounter with the chaos spirit. Zipp kept questioning him, though admitted she believed his story just found some of the lack of details strange. As the friends walked away, they checked back only to see the lighthouse and Lightning Rod were nowhere to be seen.

Powers and abilities

Lightning Rod was a skilled lighthouse keeper, using his innate unicorn power to help guide ships to port. He was also a gifted storyteller, with Pipp saying he'd make a create content creator. He mentioned that once he got a better hang of technology, that he might become a blogger.



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