King Charlatan

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King Charlatan
MLP41 King.png
Species Bird
Kind Penguin
Gender Male
Occupation King
Nationality Penguin Kingdom
Address Ice Castle
Family Charlatan family
Real world
Voice actor Actor unknown
First "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

King Charlatan was the cruel and wicked despot of the Penguin Kingdom and the patriarch of the Charlatan family. His only other known family member was his son, Prince Edgar.


King Charlatan was the king of his realm, the Penguin Kingdom. With his machine, the "magnifier", he was threatening to freeze over all of Ponyland so that his kind, the Penguins, would rule the world. His son Edgar was a gentle and kind boy however and refused to let this happen. Charlatan froze Edgar's best friend, Sunny and imprisoned his own son so he could not interfere with his works.

Much later, his son confronted him once again, now with several ponies and Megan by his side. In a fit of rage, Charlatan froze Edgar with his eye lasers, however to his surprise, he felt bad about doing this to his own son and realized he loved his boy. Having a flash back to all the good times they had together, Charlatan unfroze his sun and stopped his conquest of the world.

Personal life[edit]

Charlatan didn't seem to have much in the way of friendships, but the Penguin general and Penguin guards seemed to respect him. He also controlled over a Yeti-like creature, who did his bidding and guarded the Ice Maze. Under his rule, he also knew a few penguin nurses, however they did not seem to know each other personally.

Powers and abilities[edit]

  • Ice magic and Eye-lasers: Charlatan could shoot eye-beams which froze whatever they touched. Combined this with the magnifier, he could freeze over entire countries in matters of hours.


Given his language when referring to himself, saying he was the king now, he may have been a newly appointed monarch.


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