José González

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This following article is about a contributor to the My Little Pony franchise, whose body of work beyond MLP contains non-child friendly material. Readers caution is advised.

José "Pepe" González (1939 - March 13, 2009) was a Spanish comic book artist. He began working at the age of 17 for Rosas Blancas and Brigitte for the company Editorial Toray. He later joined Selecciones Ilustradas in the 1960s and worked there until the 1990s[1], which means he may have done artwork for My Little Pony Comic, though the exact artists were unknown.

González is perhaps best known for his work on Vampirella, which he began on in 1971 and became the primary artist by 1974, but by 1977, he was no longer the primary artist. A documentary was made on his contributions known as Love Strips.[2][3]