Iron Will

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Iron Will
Iron Will muscles S02E19.png
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Occupation Author
Motivational speaker
Nationality Equestrian
Family Iron Will's family
Real world
Voice actor Trevor Devall
First "Putting Your Hoof Down"
Last Tails of Equestria: The Bestiary of Equestria

Iron Will is a minotaur from an unknown land.


Early life[edit]

At some point in the past, Iron Will got married and had a son.


Iron Will has a wife and son. Due to his line of work, she doesn't get to see them much but it's clear that he loves them very much. When his wife believed him to be a bad influence on their son, Iron Will fell into a depression and traveled to Ponyville to get help from Fluttershy to awaken his "inner pony". Despite realizing his influence on his son may have not been the best, he couldn't help but feel proud when his son showed aggressive behavior towards his teachers like his father would.



Iron Will's personality tends to flip-flop depending on the writer.

In his debut appearance, Iron Will was shown to be aggressive, money hungry and bombastic. He was very animated and "hammy", always yelling, shouting and almost always moving. He was shown to also be an intelligent businessman and a man of his word. Notably, he was never portrayed as being an inherently bad person in his debut, just a mean one.

In Friends Forever, Iron Will showed a more sincere and gentle side to his personality. While still money hungry and businessminded, the comic revealed that Iron Will was also a dedicated family man and an avid chef. Though his mindset towards his family was "meatheaded", whiched cause some friction between him and his wife, he showed that he was willing to try to find his "inner pony" in order to better himself for them.

In Siege of the Crystal Empire, Iron Will's personality was devolved to that of a greedy, violent egotist who was billed as Fluttershy's "arch enemy", despite Friends Forever showing that he and Fluttershy have become sincere friends. In the storyline, Iron Will helped overthrow the Crystal Empire and capture the Mane Six as was the bidding of Radiant Hope, but felt like he went to far near the end of the conquest.





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