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A yearbook with a note written in Human language

If the Equestrian languages were a confusing subject matter, than the languages used by the Humans in Equestria is an even more confusing one. While Ponies and Humans can communicate no problem, sans a few Human words not being in the Equestrian dictionary[1] and even write to them[2] the actual writing system used by Humans is often times all over the place. Sometimes, it appears to be regular English, while other times it appears to be closer to Nordic or even Phoenician languages.


"Mad Twience"

"You really smell like dog buns" HEY!

This version of the language appeared in the music video "Mad Twience" on computer screens while Twilight Sparkle was developing a robot companion for Spike. The language appears to be an odd blend between Latin, Phoenician, Cree and IPA.

"X Marks the Spot"

Sunset Shimmer reading a map written in the language of the humans

This version of the language appeared in the short, "X Marks the Spot". The language was associated with pirates, as X Marks the Sushi used it in their piracy gimmicks. Although unlike other depictions of the language used, Sunset Shimmer was capable of reading it perfectly fine.

The alphabet is very similar to real-life Runic scripts used in Scandinavia, which is ironic as Viking culture of Scandinavia is often considered an older form of piracy.

The only known encryption of the language apparently translates to "Follow the shells to the pier and look for the X at the end of the Rainbow"

"Get the Show on the Road"

Reversing letters and adding in other symbols, basically every Conlangers first project

The title card for the music video for "Get the Show on the Road" featured its own take on the language. While the title of the episode was written in basic English, the words surronding it appeared to be filled with reversed letters and other, traditionally non-phonetic symbols such as the "@" sign.



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