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Throughout My Litle Pony, there have been a number of brands and products displayed to make the world feel more alive. This is a list of such brands.

Fashion and sports[edit]


Batlet may be a brand of baseball bats.[1]


Brofly is a brand of clothing, judging by ts name, presumably male clothing.[1]


Filo is a sports and fashion brand that mainly seems to produce sports-related fashion goods, such as sports garbs and bags.[1]

Tuxs by Tarlek[edit]

Tuxs by Tarlek was a brand of Tuxedos sold by the mascot character, Tarlek back in the late 1980s. Gaffer levitated a Tarlek-branded tuxedo, along with Old Stable Cologne while he and his buddies were getting ready for the Fall Formal.[2]

Behind the scenes

The Tuxedos are most likely named after Herb Tarlek, a character from WKRP in Cincinnati, who was famed for his tuxedos.

Food and drink[edit]

Horse Trough[edit]

I guess the water has been...Spiked

Horse Trough is a brand of bottled water.[3]

Saucy Beans[edit]

Saucy Beans is a bean-brand found in Maritime Bay. Sunny Starscout eats them. Izzy Moonbow accidently opens the can and spills beans over Sunny's floor when she tried to juggle them with her horn.[4]


Hygiene and cleaning[edit]

Frost Tip[edit]

Frost Tip was either a hygene or vanity product sold in the late 1980s. Diamond Rose used the product while she was freshening up for the Fall Formal.[2]

Old Stable Cologne[edit]

Old Stable Cologne was a brand of cologne sold in the late 1980s. Gaffer levitated an entire gallon of the cologne, as well as Tuxs by Tarlek, while he and his buddies were getting ready for the Fall Formal.[2]

Shimmer Non-Dairy Floor Wax Cream[edit]

Shimmer Non-Dairy Floor Wax Cream was a wax brand. Pinkie Pie used the cream to brush her hair instead of conditioner.[5]


Fabulous Fido[edit]

Fabulous Fido is a brand of luxury dog toys. They produced the Fabulous Fido's Fabergé Throwing Disk.[6]