History of Spike

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Most prominent ally to the Mane Six!

The history of Spike, though not as quest-filled as his many loved ones, is likewise filled with many daring deeds of high adventure and death-defying stunts of bravery and kindness. From his adventure on the Moon, to his quest in the Dragon Lands, Spike has lead armies, liberated civilizations, became a king; but ultimately lived a fairly humble life as the assistant to his best friend, Twilight Sparkle, whom he had a special bond with stronger then any thing. The following article is a chronological account of Spike's life, from his childhood, to his final known adventures.

Early life

Egg and Sludge's account

The history of Spike's egg was unclear; what is known is that his Egg somehow ended up in the ownership of Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns, where it was hatched by a young Twilight Sparkle while she was supercharged by the Sonic Rainboom. According to Sludge however, he and his wife had lost the egg of their son as they were harassed by the Scale Collectors, however, this was proven to be completely as Sludge admitted to not actually being Spike's father.[1]

Sparkle family

Spike was born in Canterlot during the Sonic Rainboom. Early in his life, he was raised by Princess Celestia who seemed to really care for the dragon, but had Twilight Sparkle raise her after she became a student at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns instead. Growing up, Spike was a handful and undoubtedly made life harder for the young and unstable Twilight, but he never stopped loving her, even as she refused to give him a name. After an incident during a parent-teacher meeting, Twilight rushed Spike into her room crying and panicking berating him for making her look like a bad student, and bad daughter. The young drake attempted to make this up to Twilight by pretending to be her Smarty Pants doll instead.

At this moment, Twilight realized the love the dragon had for her and decided to name him. Naming him Spike, her parents rushed into the room to see the two finally getting along with one another, with Night Light lovingly labeling Spike as Twilight's first friend later on.[2]

Growing up, the two had many adventures together, such as an incident at the beach were Spike ate a seashell[3] and when went to sleep together after reading a series of books.[4] Twilight would carry Spike around in a Dragonbyorn branded baby-carrier.[5] The two also enjoyed to set up a tent in their dormitory and read together at night, lit only by tiny stars.

Strange new worlds

As Pinkie Pie traveled into Ponyville 628 to get a recipe, Twilight Sparkle sent Spike to travel across the multiverse in order to find Pinkie Pie. His efforts were not successful and were often times traumatic, such as when he was nearly devoured by a dinosaur version of Pinkie Pie or when he was nearly trampeled by giants in Giant World, but some of his other travels were more pleasant, such as the Ice Cream World where he ate brownie Ice Cream with Twilight and Pinkie Pie and when he discovered the world where everypony was Rarity. Eventually he discovered the M.U.F.F.I.N. and got the help of Dr. Hooves and Derpy to aid him in his quest. After a bit, they tracked down his Pinkie Pie and told her how she could've gotten the recipe much easier, much to Spike's annoyance.

At some point later, Twilight accidentally petrified herself and Spike when Princess Celestia was coming to town. In a misunderstanding, Pinkie Pie decided to give Celestia a tour of the town in their absence. During this period, the two ponies played a prank on Twilight by putting a Mustache and hat on her. After the spell wore off, Spike tried to get Twilight to take off her attire before others saw her in her get up, but his attempts were in vain.

Rarity got Spike and Sweetie Belle to help her prepare for and eventually serve a guest after she got a request to do so, with the reward of a good job promising the mare a new boutique in an exclusive location. When the guest turned out to be the Smooze, Spike worked tirelessly to try to get the proper proportions for the entity, though never could given its gelatinous form. Eventually, the requester for their services turned out to be Discord who deemed that the three did a good enough job that he gave them their new boutique, which was in an impossible-to-access chaos location.

When the Flim Flam Brothers came to town, they told Spike that Dragon Fruit was probably not made of real dragons, which creeped out the drake. Later, he ate some of the fruit they peddled.

When Discord decided to make the world more manga-like, he turned Spike into Spikezilla, the monster who was to destroy Ponyville-cho but was stopped by Twilight-san. After Discord got rid of the illusion, he presumably got sushi with the rest of his friends.