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Biographies are articles for characters. They are written in an largely in-universe perspective (though deviations may be made to better suit the information) and are typically made in the following format:

Opening (before headers)[edit]

  • Infobox: use Template:Character
  • Introduction: An introduction should be a short introduction to the character, should be a paragraph at most typically.


  • History: An overview of the life of the character. For main and major characters, this should generally be focused on the highlights of their life in. For minor characters, should cover everything. Note that main characters should get "History of" pages that covers said minor history as well.
  • Personality/Personal life: A description of the characters personality and personal life, such as their behavior, views, hobbies, relationships, family, homes, work, etc.
  • Behind the scenes: This is where strictly real-world information comes into place. Info here should be about the production history, acting history, and other real-world pieces of information.
  • Products: A list of toys and merchandise the character has been featured in. Should be split as such.
  • In other languages: Lists of their foreign names and voice actors.
  • Appearances: Appearances the character has made, split into Cartoon, Films and specials, Shorts and web-series, Comics and manga, Books, and Misc.
  • References: Where references go. Navboxes technically go here too.