Epithets, titles, occupations, and honorofics

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An epithet is a title, nickname, alias, or anything else used as a secondary name for a person. Below are a list of epihets.


Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was a title given to Starlight Glimmer for her continued use of her modified version of Starswirl's spell to mess with the timeline.

Behind the scenes The title is a reference to the Chrono Trigger video game.

Creature Catcher

Sweetie Belle the 'creature catcher'

"Creature Catcher" was a title created by Sweetie Belle in her short-lived pursuit to gain a cutie mark in creature catching. As "Sweetie Belle the Creature Catcher", she tried to catch the Dangerous creature from the Everfree Forest but ended up breaking Fluttershy's table.[1]


Stygian: "What are you doing to her?"
Pony of Shadows: "Forging her into the weapon she is. One that can break worlds."
Stygian: "STOP IT!"
―Stygian and his corrupted self[source]

Destroyers, also indirectly referred to as World Breakers or Breaker of Worlds are ponies who contain so much power that they can reshape entire universes, leaving them as dark, empty and devoid of light. The only two known destroyers were Princess Luna and Princess Celestia.[2][3]

Great and Powerful

Great and Powerful is a title coined by Trixie Lulamoon that has been used to describe herself and an alternate version of Twilight Sparkle.[4]

Junior assistant

Junior assistant was the title Twilight Sparkle gave to Owlowiscious to help out Spike with his chores.

Spike was initially upset over hearing that and believed Owlowiscious to be a no-good bully out to steal his job, even going as far as to frame Owlowiscious for the murder of a rat, but Spike ultimately grew to befriend the owl after he and Twilight saved his life from the territorial dragon Gostir.[5]

One Winged Warrior

One Winged Warrior was a title given to Sombraverse Rainbow Dash. Most likely due to her one wing and her prosthetic wing and her contributions in the Great Crystal War.



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