Detention is Magic

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"Detention is Magic"
Dates March 25, 2020
Artist Toni Kuusisto
Writer Danny Djeljosevic
Editor Bobby Curnow

Detention is Magic is the first story featured in March Radness. It is followed by "Dashin' Arround".


The Equestria Girls got detention for accidentally humiliating Miss Harshwhinny and live-streamed it for the entire internet. The girls argue over who caused it, when Rarity announces that they were all to blame and none of them were to blame as they all accidentally contributed to it.


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  • Harshwhinny is once again shown to be a teacher at CHS.
  • A unnamed teacher who appeared in the 2013 "Equestria Girls" comic story may have appeared in this story, or at least a similar looking teacher.


This comic makes the second appearance of Harshwhinny in the Equestria Girls franchise, with her first in "Equestria Girls", which appeared in the 2013 annual.

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