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Canterlot Library
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The Canterlot Library is a major, regal library located in Canterlot, Equestria. The library appears to be very old, with a "restricted section" filled with countless, but less than one-million, books about all sorts of subjects, from Equestrian history to its culture and magic.


In her younger years, Sunset Shimmer broke into the library in order to find out about the Magic Mirror, but was eventually stopped by the librarian. Years later, she would visit the library once again, only with proper permission in order to research whatever spell made her friends lose their memories. After hours of studying, Twilight Sparkle eventually found a book detailing the exploits of Clover the Clever which mentioned the "Memory Stone".

After learning this, Sunset left for the human dimension to try to save her friends memories of her, but after she left, Twilight noticed a detail they missed. If they didn't recover the memories by the sunset of the third day, the memories would be lost forever.

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