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All Aboard

Conductor, or All Aboard Template:S was a train conductor who worked at the Train station and helped maintain the Friendship Express, a job he did alongside Template:U. Conductor was a middle-aged looking stallion with a black mane and light blue coat. He had yellow eyes and tended to dress in snappy, respectable clothing. He wore a pair of glasses.


Template:History stub/character Conductor lived in a house in Canterlot, Equestria, despite his job being in Ponyville.[1] While Steamer seemed to drive the train, Conductor appeared to instead act as a passenger manager. Although usually stern, he has shown some sense of humor and lighthearted traits in the past.[2]



  • While "All Aboard" is his accepted fan given name, "Conductor" appears to be his official name, as he was called that in My Little Pony (Gameloft). However, this could just be his occupational title. Given the naming convention in this series, it's hard to tell.


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