Cloudy Kicks lookalikes

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These are characters who look like Cloudy Kicks.

"Equestria Girls" comic


This lookalike seemed to be a math nerd, as she joined the Math Club. She marked a slight resemblance to Pinny Lane with similar attire and hair color, but had purple skin. Template:--


This lookalike appeared near two two unidentified students and Heath Burn lookalike #4. She had green hair and a green shirt, with a purple coat and skirt. Template:--


This lookalike had red hair of a similar shade to Rose Heart and ate lunch. Template:--


This lookalike was walking near a tree while Babs and Rarity discussed fashion. She was near a Big McIntosh lookalike and had green hair and skin. Template:--


This lookalike was at the Wondercolts vs Shadowbolts soccer match and sat next to a lookalike for Teddy. She had grape-like purple hair and skin. Template:--


This lookalike also attended the game and sat near Indigo Wreath lookalike #10. She had dark blue hair and seemed to have blue skin as well. Template:--


This lookalike was a member of the Wondercolts soccer team and had magenta hair. Her face was not shown. Template:--

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